Why I chose an apprenticeship

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Reilly joined Kidwells Accountancy in 2021 as an apprentice while studying one day a week at Hereford and Ludlow College. To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week we asked him why he chose this route for his training.

Why apprenticeship and not University?

I chose to go through the apprentice route instead of going to university because I no longer wanted to just study for exams and have no real-life skills. So, the main reason I chose to do an apprenticeship was to gain those real-life skills and to earn as I learn too. 

Why did you choose Accounts?

I studied accountancy for two years at JMHS Sixth Form and at the end of my studies I achieved an A in my A levels, so going forward into an Accountancy apprenticeship was the obvious next step.

Do you enjoy learning at work?

Learning at work is perhaps the best thing about an apprenticeship because it means that every day is interesting. I’m learning something new and learning something that will truly help me in my future career.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship?

For my personal circumstances, I would recommend an apprenticeship. When leaving sixth form I had a decent idea of what type of job I wanted to get, and I knew I could succeed in that job. However, if you’re not in the same position as I was perhaps going to university would be more beneficial to you, so you can find that type of job/work that best suits you.

Did school/ college encourage you to get an apprenticeship?

At college my accountancy teacher preferred the apprentice route as she thought that learning the true life skills you will need to succeed in that field most important.

Will you take my training further once your apprenticeship is finished?

Currently I am on a level 2 AAT accountancy course. After I finish this course I plan on going into level 3 and then further as I progress.

What are the business benefits of having an apprentice?

We asked Emily Horne, a director of Kidwells Accountancy who works on the development of accounting systems and staff training, what she considers the advantages of employing an apprentice.

As a group, we pride ourselves on the concept of ‘home grown’. We like to employ apprentices and people at the start of their career choice, from school leavers and university graduates to people who want to further their careers or change their career path entirely. We enjoy training staff in line with our processes and procedures. The benefit of this is that we get to watch our staff grow into professional people, we also find that staff retention is better.

By employing an apprentice, you tailor their skill set to the role but also add a breath of fresh air. an apprentice is a highly cost-effective way to increase your workforce and an effective way to grow talent and develop a motivated. skilled and qualified workforce.

In addition, there are obvious benefits for the apprentices themselves. They have the ability to earn while they learn, receive recognised qualifications, gain independence, respect and real work experience while developing their skills and improving their employability.

Emily Horne

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