What are P11D forms?

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If you are an employer and pay directors or employees any expenses or benefits which are not registered to be payrolled and are not covered by PAYE then a P11D form must be filed to HMRC annually. 

What are the benefits to be declared?

Any benefits that you offer as an employer would include: 

  • Health insurance
  • Company car or van
  • Interest free loan
  • Private travel expenses
  • Private entertainment expenses
  • Assets provided for personal use
  • Living accommodation provided by the employer

What information is required?

Each P11D form requests basic information about the employee which includes name, date of birth, employer, and employee number. 

Following that are all the sections to be completed as the examples above. 

When does the P11D form need submitting?

A P11D must be submitted by 6th July following the tax year in question. So, your P11D for the tax year 6th April 2021 to 5th April 2022 must be filed by 6th July 2022. 

If you miss the deadline of 6th July whether you are submitting in paper format or online, you have until July 19th to put things right and file. If this deadline is missed, then the business will incur fines of £100 per month per 50 employees. 

National Insurance

Any benefits effectively increase an employee’s salary, therefore there may be National Insurance contributions (NICs) to be paid, these contributions are paid by the business, and not the individual. poipo

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