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It can be difficult starting your learning journey as an apprentice, as it does feel as if you are bottom of the tree. But as you achieve the different stages, you soon see the bigger picture. There is often more respect in the position you get to as you have had to work hard to get there.

I have grown up in a world where if you want something you have to work for it. I have been lucky enough to do my learning and working at very supportive workplaces with both my studies and my day-to-day role. I’ve been able to find my way while being guided by my seniors.

Working in Accountancy

I fell into the accountancy role, but every day I learn something new. I must say I have a secret love for it! It isn’t just maths and spreadsheets, but it is the engine room for any business. It’s rewarding as the work you do does impact the business and can be the difference between a profit or a loss.

I have used a number of different software packages and programmes since I began my journey. Consistently though, I have always used Office 365 including Excel.

I feel like since being with the Kidwells group I’ve had to step up. Previously, I have always had someone holding my hand along the way but now, I’ve had to think on my feet, make decisions for the business and steer the ship. Being a part of a team that all have a similar goal really impacts your mentality. It can be so rewarding boosting each other to achieve things that you wouldn’t be able to achieve by yourself.

For me there is no such thing as an average day at work.  For example, today I have found myself writing a blog. I am lucky enough to have a team around me who have different experiences where we can all support each other. This impacts the workload we all take on as no one is ever alone. If something needs to be done, we all chip in together to make it happen.

Continued Learning

I am currently studying ACCA and it can be challenging at times. There is a lot of content and you find that some of it can be tedious. It’s not until you have finished the whole unit it starts to make sense, and all come together. I’m still finding the best way for me to study, where and when as well as how to prep for exams. Some days may not be ‘my’ day, but you just must stop, take a deep breath and pick up later where you left it.

Always stay positive as tomorrow is another day.

– Emily Horne AATQB

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