How to choose the right accountant

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Selecting the appropriate accountant entails more than just finding someone compatible on a personal level. It’s essential to have confidence that your chosen professional will exhibit proactivity and dependability, becoming an asset to your business. A proficient accountant furnishes you with reliable financial insights necessary for informed decision-making, fostering your business’s advancement.

Know how much help you are going to need  

Understanding the scope of tasks and responsibilities you expect your accountant to manage is crucial. For tasks like monthly financial statements and bookkeeping, a bookkeeper might suffice. However, for tax planning advice, tax return preparation, or audited financial statements, a certified accountant is necessary.

Assess qualifications 

While there’s no legal mandate for specific qualifications in this field, it’s advisable to ensure your accountant holds qualifications from esteemed accountancy bodies. Noteworthy organisations include the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) or Scotland (ICAS), and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). Membership with these bodies signifies accountability and provides recourse in case of malpractice.

Consider the costs 

Determine the anticipated charges – whether a fixed monthly fee or hourly rate – as they depend on the range of services provided by the accountant.

How much experience? 

Opt for an experienced professional who can simplify intricate concepts for your understanding. An experienced accountant can contribute to more accurate financial projections.


Regular and effective communication between you and your accountant is vital during your business’s growth. Seek an accountant who offers business advisory services, extending beyond mere tax return assistance.

Location of the accountant 

If you’re comfortable with remote collaboration, the geographical location might not be a constraint. However, if face-to-face interaction is preferable, the accountant’s proximity becomes important.

Conduct a background check 

Given that you’ll be entrusting your financial data to the accountant, conducting a thorough background check is imperative. Seek references, scrutinise their website for feedback, and explore online resources for additional insights.

Want To Know More?

Selecting the right accountant is a weighty decision. It’s imperative to choose a professional capable of nurturing your business’s growth and enhancing cost and time efficiency. Therefore, prior to making a decision, pose these questions to potential accountants.

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